Takara Detox Patches

Takara Detox Patches

TAKARA is a great and effective Japanese foot patch CLEANSER and DETOX product. TAKARA is used to manage and control ALMOST ALL KINDS OF HEALTH CONDITIONS and ailments due to its high level of negative ions, excellent quality and very wood vinegar contents, as well as far-infra-red technology. TAKARA is safe to use on people of all ages both young and old.

Do you know DETOX is the elimination of toxins from the body?
Detox should be done three to four times a year to keep the body healthy.

Why you need to Detox?
o For radiant, healthy and glowing skin.
o Get rid of body odour and bad breath.
o Improved thinking.
o Better immune and digestive system.
o Weight loss and manage healthy body weight.
o More energy.

What happens to your Body if you do not Detox.
o Weight gain
o Dull skin and acne problem
o Digestive distress
o Feeling fatigue and exhausted
o Lack of ability to focus and stressed
o Insomnia
o Hormonal issues
o Low immunity

1. Get Enough Sleep.
2. Start your Day with a glass of Alfalfa Concentrated Chlorophyll.
3. Eat Vegetables and Fruits.
4. Detox the Body Naturally with Takara Patch & Florazen. .