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Regular intake of calcium every day is the key to prevent and treat calcium deficiency. Calcium is essential in helping to build and strengthen our bones and fortified our tendons and cartilage respectively. As we age, we require calcium, collagen and certain minerals as supplements due to our imbalance diet and that our body can no longer produce enough quantities for the body to repair itself. As a consequence of this our body begins to deteriorate giving rise to health problems such as (brittle) bones and joints discomfort. It is vital to supplement food with calcium and minerals.

Why do we require Calcium?

Calcium is found mostly in our bones. Our food intake provides us with calcium. Calcium provides nutrients for our heart to beat and muscles to function. Our bones are constantly eroded throughout our life and are replaced with new bone tissue. If our diet is calcium deficient, our calcium needs for proper body function is taken from the bones. Our bones will degenerate if calcium is not replaced and hence lead to health problems such as brittle bones or osteoporosis.

Principles of Products
The surface of epithelial cells carries special amino acid delivery system. Its automatically transfers amino acid and at the same time, absorbs the chelated nano calcium. It completely solves the problems of traditional calcium products like water solubility, absorption rate, bioavailability, side effects and other problems. Definitely a great nutritional calcium supplement for the market high quality, effective and safe.

Benefits of K-NanoCal:
Helps to maintain strong bones and healthy teeth
Helps to decrease risk of bone loss and fractures
Helps to improve joint functions
Helps to lower risk of colon cance
Helps to monitor regular heart beat
Helps to alleviate insomnia
Helps to metabolise your body iron
Assisting nervous system, especially in impulse mission
Assists in weight management
Helps in preventing blood clot and helps in muscle contraction
Utilising amino acids as building blocks for all body protein
Assists in maintaining healthy joints