Principle of action

The original mucous membrane is attached to the cervix and the male and female reproductive organs to form a protective layer.Its physical barrier can block harmful bacteria and viruses killing effect, sterilizing and detoxifying, clearing the uterus, nourishing and lubricating, Prevent vaginal mucosal damage, nourishing and tightening, Repair the broken gene chain, Improve vaginal relaxation, Enhance vaginal elasticity, restore and stay young forever, Protects, nourish and activates the ovaries Balances the women hormones, Keeps the nest warm and restores the youthful feeling.

All-round care for womens secret garden. The life of a woman is colourful because of her intimate health, Eliminate dryness, Moisturizes the vaginal wall and restores hydration. The vagina is moist, tender and with liquid spring, Intensive care, Deeply cleans the inside of the vagina and promotes rapid growth of cells in the vagina, Beauty, Eliminate the inflammatory secretions and toxins accumulated in the genitals, improve skin color and make the skin regain its brilliance, Protect ovary, Long-term use can enhance the elasticity of the uterine wall and maintain the uterus to maintain a young state.

4 Functions of V-gel
1) Purify the smell - Deep cleansing and purifying private secretions, caring for vaginal mucosa and removing bad odours.
2) Antibacterial and itching - Weakly acidic gel, the pH value is close to the pH of the vagina, maintaining the ecological balance of pH in the vagina, and keeping the privacy of women in a healthy state.
3) Moisturizing and nourishing - Improve vaginal inflammatory secretions and toxins, balance the vaginal environment to prevent foreign objects, restore the vagina and reduce the incidence of various gynaecological diseases.
4) Beauty - Improve the quality of women's warm nests, adjust the internal balance, and improve skin tone and skin texture from the inside out.
Boost body metabolism.

V-GEL - Takes care of your private part
1. Plant composition, gentle and natural - Plant extract formula, rich in a variety of plant extracts, long-lasting mild, natural protection
2. Rapid penetration, timely action - Rapidly penetrates the skin and reaches the bottom of the muscles, thus fast effect
3. Soluble gum securely for external use - Water-soluble gel, natural and gentle, non-destructive to the body, can be used with confidence, external use, not oral, convenient and more peace of mind
4. Portable - Portable and compact design, easy to carry and protect women's privacy without affecting the menstrual cycle
5. Sealed package, clean and hygienic - Each box of products is sealed and packaged to ensure cleanliness and quality.

Main Benefits
1. Auxiliary treatment of various gynecological diseases such as (vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical erosion, etc.) balance pH vagina thus prevents gynecological inflammation, creates molecular shielding, moisturize the skin, clear keratinocytes and regulate skin texture;
2. Contains advanced antibacterial ingredients, which eliminate vaginal odor, prevents itchiness, eliminate vaginal discharge and other functions;
3. Effective lubrication prevents dryness caused by less female secretions: quickly covers the vagina, cervix and forms a physical and chemical double shield to protect female reproductive organs from bacteria or invasion of various pathogens such as fungi, chlamydia and viruses.
Strengthen bioelectromagnetics in the body as well as helps to minimize health-affecting negative magnetic waves.

Effective antibacterial / fungicidal
10 seconds to promote new cells,
30 minutes of comprehensive sterilization and itching,
8-20 days to cure all kinds of gynaecological inflammation,
30 days to restore the female area young.
Lets women rejuvenate from the inside out.