Alfalfa Concentrated Chlorophyll

Why choose Chlorophyll from Alfalfa?

Chlorophyll from alfalfa contains 4 times the chlorophyll of other vegetables. Alfalfa Concentrated Chlorophyll CLEANSES, NOURISHES and BALANCES the body. Alfalfa Concentrated Chlorophyll is a natural and safe drink to use by the whole family from small babies to the elderly. This Alfalfa Concentrated Chlorophyll is almost a complete food and contains easy to digest vegetable proteins 18.9% more protein than beef 16.5%, eggs 13.1% and milk 3.3%.

Alfalfa Concentrated Chlorophyll has many more benefits;

Detoxifies the body organs, Blood building properties, Alkalizes the body and balance our pH levels, Powerful anti-oxidant that fights free radicals, Wound healing properties, Helps in ulcer problems, Flushes out heavy metals from the body, Used in constipation cases, Improves digestion, Helps in cancer prevention and treatment, Cleans the digestive tract, Improves appetite, Helps with weight management, Strengthens and boosts the immune system, Acne treatment, Used for bad breath and has deodorant properties.

Those who suffer from the following conditions should use Alfalfa Concentrated Chlorophyll;

Busy and stressful people, Those who are often fatigued, Those who eat out often, Exposed to radiation, Heavy smokers and alcoholics, Have respiratory problems, Those who are anaemic, Have sore throats, Dislike eating vegetables, Have poor appetite, Those with rheumatism.