Ion Shield Ionizer Pendant

Ion Shield Ionizer Pendant:

The ion shield ionizer pendant is a portable negative ion health guard that you hang on your neck that presents a variety of health benefits. The negative ion generator helps control dust build-up, aids in respiratory problems and can also help boost antioxidants. It is equipped with magnetic charging and one-click switch that is very easy to use. The ion shield pendant is a portable negative ion health guard that provides one's body with the needed balance when it most needs it and reduces overall stress levels, which helps you to stay healthy longer!

Features & Benefits of Product:

Small, light and portable.
Long Battery Life
Provides healthy negative oxygen ions anytime and anywhere
Regulates the body's ION balance
It neutralizes Free Radicals
Removes bad Odor
It is an antibacterial disinfectant, sedimentation of dust
They assist in pH balancing.
They help to purify your blood.
They enhance cell and body metabolism.
They strengthen our immune system.
They increase the amount of oxygen supply for our brains.