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K2u Africa started its business   |   in year 2013 K2u

The company started rather modestly, offering only a few products to the consumers. This notwithstanding, the company started on the right track by lending focus on result-oriented products. That was indeed a blessing. As it were, even from day one, the company received overwhelming support from the consumers.

Having jump-started itself, it was a matter of time before the company showed its mettle and prowess. Slowly but surely more products were acquired. Distributors also came in droves and within months, a respectable membership base was already taking shape. What followed was an upsurge in sales. Likewise, from a few hundred entrepreneurs who signed up as distributors, the company now boasts of hundred thousand of members.

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Services Overview

K2U upholds the consistent style of progress, ideal, with high quality, highly effective health products and the philosophy of sustainable management to dominate the market.

Contact Us

K2U Africa HQ.

Address: 9th Floor, Sonalux House, Moi Ave,
P.O. Box: 7721-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.
Telephone: +254 710 533 339
Others: +254 734 353 553
E-mail: info@k2uafrica.com

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